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Recover Your PST file  - Free Scan!


Scanpst.exe Pro is designed to fix your Outlook PST. It can also recover deleted calendar events, mail and other items that you have in MS Outlook. To see how it works, you may download the available trial version to let it scan your PST.  It is important to download first the trial version of it. Try to use it and make a purchase when the scan is successfully performed upon using the trial version. 


 Software Features:

  • Fix and restore PST files 
  • Recover deleted files 
  • Step-by-step guide 
  • solve PST compacting problems
  • Restores HTML and RTF 

Installation Space Required- 18MB

This software is so easy to uninstall from the control panel of your computer. 


Download Scanpst.exe Pro and Get your mailbox back


1. Find where your PST file is located

2. Scan mode selection window

3. Scan mailbox for emails and other outlook items

Scanpst.exe Pro versus MS Scanpst.exe

Microsoft Outlook seems to be a good product. Every version that is being introduced comes with unique and more advanced features which make the database of Outlook more complicated. On the other hand, the patented Inbox fix tool (scanpst.exe) comes with few capabilities in recovering the files in case of database failure. The use of a professional repairing tool will be necessary. Thus, we suggest the trial version of scanpst.exe. When a more advanced solution is required, just download the scanpst.exe Professional.

Free Scanpst.exe Location

The location may vary when you have the local version of corporate or office-based Outlook.

How Will Scanpst.exe Pro Recover the Crashing Outlook?

Sometimes, MS Outlook cannot be opened but your files will always be there. It could mean that certain internal settings failed to work well but do not panic. You only need to use the free scan and allow Scanpst.exe Pro to fix the problem.

Free Scan & Mailbox Preview

Scanpst.exe Pro provides its free scan feature in order to make sure that we will only charge you when we are certain that the lost data will be recovered. When it comes to hardware issues, the data reading fails because the actual problem has something to do with the disk. During these scenarios, a hard disk recovery specialist can help you.


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