Running Scanpst for a PST over 2 GB Fails

Number of PST corruption problems in Outlook 2003 (referring to POP3 and HTTP accounts only), Outlook 2002 as well as its old generation occurs due to 2 GB file size restriction. Supposedly if a particular file exceeds the given 2GB limit, its possibility of getting damaged also increases. Without keeping in mind the fact that Microsoft doesn't contribute a single repair tool that might overhaul corrupted ANSI PST which is greater in size than 2GB. Remember that the current Scanpst.exe tool works when you shorten your file to a 2GB file or size less than this. Since your emails can get deleted due to PST damage, this way of retrieving a corrupted PST greater in size than 2 GB is not highly encouraged by the programmers. To simplify and clarify these problems, let's brainstorm a most occurring issue related to oversized PST, that is corrupted due to the fact that PST file is subjected to be less than 2GB in size. The file has material that should not be misplace. Whereas, to fix this file, you pinpoint the Scanpst file, then install it to initiate the Inbox Repair Tool. However, you find that the repair cannot be convulsed. You encounter following drawbacks in an attempt to repair the huge PST that is corrupt:

(1)You will find that the Inbox Repair Tool has stopped working without any notification

(2) Once you notify the PST file tag and area and hit ‘Repair’, it notifies you with the error message: "Fatal Error: 80040900"
Remember that corrupted PST is impossible to be repaired with Inbox Repair once you encounter one of the explained signs. Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook has been constructed in a way that it not possible for it to fix an ANSI PST greater in size than 2 GB. You can fix such issues and repair the ANSI PST greater than 2 GB with the following solutions:

(1) Utilize PST 2 GB terminating programmer to terminate the file, thus retrieve it through Scanpst.exe tool. Always create a backup of your PST prior to implementing the termination action as it can lead to automatic deletion of chunks of your critical data.

(2) Make use of a repair program related to third-party PST file, to construct and save a corrupt PST again. These is an exclusive program that solves the corruption of PST file, regardless of the cause of corruption.