Scan PST tool

Whenever a user installs Microsoft Outlook on his personal computer system, a file named 'Scanpst.exe' file evidently is fed on his computer along with the outlook. Scanpst enables the user to solve almost all his problems and matters related to MS-Outlook application. Scanpst tool is needed when your Outlook PST files are damaged. However when your Outlook is not installed accurately, thus in result of this Scanpst tool is either not installed properly, or it shows problems. So make sure to install Outlook maturely in your system. T

here are times when Scanpst.exe cannot perform properly. To handle these situations, an Outlook PST repair tool is the best way to deal with the problem of Outlook. To give you a clear picture, for instance, you have an MS-Outlook PST file, but it is a damaged one. Thus you heard to use Scanpst.exe file to repair your corrupt PST file. When you start the tool to repair corrupt Outlook PST, an error message blink pops on your system’s screen as given below:

The error message is: “The file C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12SCANPST.EXE is in use by another application. Close Microsoft Office Outlook and all other mail-enabled applications and try again.”

Whenever this error occurs it is evident that no other software application is using or accessing the file. This message keeps popping on your screen if you make further attempts. The reason behind this error is that the installation of Outlook is done improperly. And because of this included 'Scanpst.exe' program is unable to repair the damaged Outlook PST file.

Thus the question is How to solve this mess? The solution to this issue is that first of all you confirm whether the path of Scanpst.exe file is authentic or not. Moreover, the use of other ways is also possible. The solution is as follows:

1-Check that the Outlook installation has been achieved appropriately or not. To verify this, run 'Detect and Repair'. Or else, just install MS-Outlook again on the computer.

2-in cases where backup is present terminate the previous Outlook PST file and make a fresh one, and add data to it from the backup.

3-one solution is that you can switch your corrupt Outlook PST file to another computer. But keep in mind that the other computer also contains the same outlook version. Thus repair the PST file on it. But, if the same error pops on your screen then jump and use an Outlook PST repair tool.

Repair tools enable PST to repair the damage and restore the corrupt file. As observed by many users that results of using these tools are terrific. A user guide is available with the tool thus for your ease you can go through the guide and use the software.